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Past News

Bring Our Billion$ Home - June-July 2012 Information ( Word ) ( pdf )

Resolution for Caucuses (from Bring Our Billion$ Home - Olympia FOR) (Companion Article)

Nicaguan teachers to visit Olympia April 10 to May 3 (2012)

Bruce Gagnon, International Expert on Weapons in Space, Speaks in Olympia April 24 (2012)

Ann Chaudhry Trial Outcome - March 7 (2012)

Chapter 15: U.S. Chooses No Appeal (March 2012) Bert Sacks Two days ago I got the word that “the government throws in the towel!”: they chose not to appeal the dismissal of their law suit against me.

WWFOR Peace Activist Trainee Program for Summer 2012 (Application) (Flyer)





http://blip.tv/veterans-hour/first-co-op-hearing-2-23-2012-5984236 Dennis Mills' video of February 23rd First Hearing Demonstration

September 2, 2011: Five plaintiffs filed a case against sixteen current and former Board members of the Olympia Food Co-op in state court in Washington.
November 1, 2011: Defendants filed an Anti-SLAPP motion to strike Plaintiffs' complaint.
December 1, 2011: Plaintiffs filed a brief opposing Defendants' Anti-SLAPP motion/Motion to Dismiss as well as a Cross-Motion for Discovery.
December 15, 2011: Defendants filed their reply to Plaintiffs' Opposition, as well as four declarations in support of the Anti-SLAPP motion. 
January 11, 2012: Defendants filed a brief opposing Plaintiffs’ cross-motion for discovery, as well as a supporting Declaration.
February 23, 2012: The Hearing on Defendants’ Anti-SLAPP motion/Motion to Dismiss and Plaintiffs’ Cross-Motion for Discovery will take place at the Thurston County Superior Court before Judge Thomas McPhee at 9:00 am.

Afghanistan Clean Water Delegation Diary - Douglas & Jody Mackey & Larry Kerschner (September 2011)

Friendly Water for the World Goes to Afghanistan (September 2011)

Rep. Kucinich in Olympia Feb 21st (February 2011)

WEDNESDAY March 6: Celebrate 33 years of Wednesday noon-hour peace vigil:

The Olympia FOR has maintained a friendly vigil for peace at the NW corner of Sylvester Park (Legion & Capitol Way) every Wednesday from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm for 33 years, since March 5, 1980, all year around, regardless of weather, and including holidays. Please join us THIS COMING WEDNESDAY MARCH 6 to create a larger-than-usual turnout. The Olympia FOR’s website has a vigil page with information, photos, etc.: www.olympiafor.org/vigils.htm

FRIDAY March 8: Heartsparkle Players and Olympia FOR – Celebrate International Women’s Day with “Stories of Women Making a Better World: Their Struggles, Successes and Resilience”

Each month the Heartsparkle Players invite a guest artist, community organization, arts program or social service agency to be a part of their performance. Through this collaboration they acknowledge and honor the work individuals and organizations do in our community. The Olympia FOR is delighted to collaborate with Heartsparkle Players for March. Playback Theatre is a spontaneous collaboration between performers and audience. People tell moments from their lives, then watch them re-created with movement, music and dialogue. Tonight, in addition to the regular interactive performance, the Olympia FOR also honors Ruth Lipow, Ramona Hinkle, Cindy Corrie, and Jody Mackey. 7:30 pm at Traditions Café, 300-5th Ave SW (& Water Street), in downtown Olympia). A $5-$10 donation is requested, but Heartsparkle never turns anyone away for not donating. Info: www.heartsparkle.org and Debe 943-6772 Info about Olympia FOR: Glen (360) 491-9093 info@olympiafor.org www.olympiafor.org

SUNDAY March 10: FILM: “Who Bombed Judi Bari?”

The film chronicles a great, unsolved mystery: Who, on May 24, 1990, tried to assassinate one of the most prominent environmental organizers of her day, Judi Bari? Bari and her eco-cohort, Darryl Cherney, were car-bombed in Oakland, California, in 1990 while on a musical organizing tour for three months of demonstrations called Redwood Summer. The feisty Bari was galvanizing thousands to camp out and protest the clearcutting of the giant trees. Despite receiving dozens of death threats, Bari and Cherney were arrested by the FBI and Oakland Police for bombing themselves. The pair went on to sue the authorities for civil rights violations, winning four million dollars, though not before Bari died of cancer seven years after surviving the crippling bombing.

Who Bombed Judi Bari? has archival footage including a special Humboldt County live version of “Angel from Montgomery” performed by Bonnie Raitt; rare footage of actor Woody Harrelson climbing the Golden Gate Bridge for the redwoods; and a tribute to Judi Bari by Jerry Brown. Judi Bari herself narrates the movie via her 1997 deathbed deposition captured on videotape. As she recounts her life story under oath, the movie flashes back and forth to footage of the daring, action-packed, yet often humorous and musical scenes she depicts.

Many audiences give it standing ovations. Critics like it very much. See www.rottentomatoes.com/m/who_bombed_judi_bari

The 93-minute, award-winning documentary is touring Washington State from March 5 to 11, including Q&A from both the Producer Cherney, legendary Earth First! co-founder Mike Roselle. The Olympia and Seattle shows also include Q&A with Director Mary Liz Thomson. It will screen in Olympia at 7:00 p.m. Sunday March 10 (See below).

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation and Media Island International are proud to present the award-winning documentary Who Bombed Judi Bari? At 7:00 pm Sunday March 10 on the 5th floor of the Washington State Labor Council building, 906 Columbia Street SW (between downtown Olympia and the State Capitol). This event will include Q&A with Producer Darryl Cherney, Director Mary Liz Thomson, and Earth First! Co-Founder Mike Roselle. We suggest a $5-$10 sliding scale donation, but nobody will be turned away for lack of donation. Proceeds benefit the ongoing investigation of the bombing of Judi Bari

It will screen also on Monday March 11 in Seattle at the Northwest Film Forum. The tour also includes screening in Mount Vernon, Bellingham, and Lopez Island WA, and Eugene, Corvallis and Newport OR, before moving on to northern California.

Info: Chris van Daalen, (360) 789-9669 cvan@theverdantgroup.com

Folk Singer Tom Rawson Performed SATURDAY MARCH 2 to Benefit Olympia FOR

( pdf )Tom Rawson – a banjo-playing, crowd-delighting folksinger – performed songs of peace, social justice and just plain fun on Saturday, March 2, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. at Traditions Café at the corner of 5th and Water SW in downtown Olympia. Tom Rawson’s information and music are available at www.tomrawson.com