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What is The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation?

Since 1976 the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) has been working in the greater Thurston County area and beyond to create peace, social justice and nonviolence locally and worldwide.  We organize at the grassroots and carry out a variety of activities to inform and activate people.  Specifically, the Olympia FOR produces newsletters and TV programs, conducts weekly peace vigils, and sponsors speakers, workshops and other events.  We are part of the Western Washington FOR (a regional FOR network), the national FOR, and the International FOR. Nationally and internationally, FOR was founded when World War I began and has opposed all wars since then.  More information is posted in the menu below.


What's New?

Thursday July 3 – Sunday July 6 “Take Back the 4th: Speak Truth to Power” 56th Annual FOR Northwest Regional Conference at Seabeck, WA

Don’t fret: It’s not too late to register for the Fellowship of Reconciliation’s 56th Annual amazingly excellent and inspiring Northwest Regional Conference at Seabeck in Kitsap County. See detailed information and register online at http://forseabeck.org/

Questions? John Roy Wilson, Conference Co-Chair (541) 687-6728 or jrw45@comcast.net or Janet Hawkins, Conference Co-Chair (503) 244-7703 or janetchawkins@msn.com or the Conference Registrar Joanie McClellan at 818-599-0257 or oforjoanie@aol.com.

Enjoy high quality keynote speakers, your choice of four workshops among the 19 offered addressing a wide variety of peace and justice issues, Tom Rawson’s engaging and uplifting folk music, leisurely conversations with some of the 200 persons who will attend, and other odd sources of fun and community-building. FOR members from Washington and Oregon have partnered for 56 years to conduct the Pacific Northwest’s most highly regarded peace & justice conference.

Seabeck 2014’s keynote speakers include Peter Phillips (Project Censored), Michael Nagler (Metta Center for Nonviolence), and Rev. Kristin Stoneking (new Executive Director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation USA). In addition, we will feature a four-workshop track on Freedom of Speech honoring Oregon's first Poet Laureate, William Stafford, and celebrating his 1914-2014 centennial. Stafford was a FOR member since the 1940's, and we are honored to have artists and literary scholars with us this year.

Our 2014 theme – “Take Back the 4th: Speak Truth to Power” – focuses on preserving our Constitutional 4th Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure. This Constitutional protection is particularly important in the electronic information age, when all our communication can be potentially monitored, censored, and repressed. For 100 years, FOR’s voice for truth and reconciliation has been a moving force for social justice and peace. We cannot allow ourselves to be silenced.

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s “Confronting the Climate Crisis” group is gathering signatures to deliver a petition to Governor Inslee, directing the State to: (1) Immediately freeze any new investments in fossil fuels; (2) Divest from direct owner ship and any commingled funds that include fossil fuel public equities and corporate bonds within 5 years; (3) Have the State of Washington’s retirement plans offer fossil-free investment fund options for state employees.

Please sign the petition and ask others to sign it.
It’s at: http://campaigns.gofossilfree.org/petitions/divest-from-fossil-fuels-17

For more information about the Olympia FOR’s vigorously active climate group, see http://www.olympiafor.org/Climate_Crisis.html, look for new information to be added to the Climate Crisis portion of www.olympiafor.org in early June, and see climate information in recent newsletters and our upcoming June-July 2014 issue. (We post our newsletters on our website.)

We invite other FOR chapters and members to collaborate with us. Many of our activities are regional for Wash/Ore, and some are statewide regarding our state government. We invite you to collaborate with us by contacting the chair of our climate committee, Bourtai Hargrove, at (360) 352-6327 climate@olympiafor.org

Bakken BombOlympia FOR member Beverly Bassett took this photo of the exploding oil train bomb designed and built by Olympia FOR member Rod Tharp. We displayed it at Heritage Park Fountain near Capitol Lake in Olympia WA on Friday May 23, 2014 immediately before the 7 pm performance & speaking engagement of Dana Lyons (“Cows with Guns”) and Matt Krogh (www.forestethics.org) on their "Crude Awakening Oil Train Tour" at Traditions Café in downtown Olympia, Washington


June - July 2014 Newsletter (pdf)

Through May 31, 2014 (and a bit beyond), in Olympia WA (and a bit beyond)

Syria:  Public Opinion Prevented a War for Now. We Must Change the Underlying Violent U.S. Foreign Policy. (Word) (pdf)

Guidelines for a Climate Change Effort (pdf) This printed resource can help small groups discuss and act on climate change. More info from John Conner at grassroots1@pa.net

April - May 2014 Newsleter (pdf)

February - March 2014 Newsletter (pdf)

Guns - Problems and Solutions

The Olympia FOR’s website – www.olympiafor.org – has added a Climate Crisis page to provide you with more information to inform and activate you.

Special Events

Saturday July 12 Pizza Fund Raiser @Fertile Ground 311 9th Ave SE Olympia WA (starts at 6:00 pm)

Wednesday August 13 Social & Potluck at Priest Point Park's Rose Garden


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May 2014 Appeal Letter & Form (pdf) If you like what the Olympia FOR is doing, we warmly encourage you to support our work.

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