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TV Programs

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s TV program airs on Monday 1:30 pm, Wednesday 5 pm, Thursday 9 pm and will air twelve times through the month.  You and other people everywhere can watch it on TV or through our website, www.olympiafor.org, soon after it has debuted on TCTV. 

by Glen Anderson, producer and host of this TV series

For more than 27 years the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation has produced one-hour TV programs on issues related to peace, social justice, economics, the environment, and nonviolence. The Olympia FOR’s program airs on Thurston Community Television (TCTV), channel 22 for Thurston County’s cable TV subscribers. Each program airs every Monday at 1:30 p.m. and every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. and every Thursday at 9:00 p.m. for a full month. This creates THREE OPPORTUNITIES EVERY WEEK to watch each program
You can also watch the program described below (and about 100 of our previous interview programs and special programs at the Olympia FOR’s website, www.olympiafor.org, after they have debuted on TCTV.  Simply click the TV programs link, scroll down, and click the program you want to watch.  Many of our website’s monthly TV program listings also include a .pdf document describing the program.

OCTOBER 2014 “Palestine’s Realities with Updates”
by Glen Anderson, producer and host of this TV series
During the summer of 2014 Israel’s military conducted yet another massive assault on Palestine, especially Gaza, the small southern part of Palestine that borders Egypt.  Israel’s military attacked innocent civilians and civilian infrastructure (homes, schools, etc.), and even a United Nations refugee camp.
As usual, mainstream U.S. news media, politicians and government officials grossly misrepresented what was really happening.  They put nearly all of the blame on Palestine and made it seem that Israel’s government was merely defending itself.  They implied equal danger for both sides, even though dozens of times as many Palestinians as Israelis were killed or hurt.  The U.S. House and Senate unanimously passed a resolution rubber-stamping Israel’s attacks on Palestine.
And – as usual – mainstream U.S. news media, politicians and government officials ignored the historical roots of the problem.
The Olympia FOR’s October 2014 TV program discusses the realities and brings to light the historical and current realities.  Our four guests are very well informed:


  This program will air on TCTV channel 22 for cable subscribers in Thurston County:

-- Every MONDAY at 1:30 pm

-- Every WEDNESDAY at 5:00 pm

-- Every THURSDAY at 9:00 pm

Sometimes we produce special programs.  These air on TCTV at various dates and times.

We are posting our recent INTERVIEW and SPECIAL programs on the internet.  (Although we got broadcast rights for airing the “BIG PICTURE” films, we are not able to post them on the internet, although some might be posted under their own names.)  Also, our older programs are not available in this format.

To watch a program, simply click on a link below to watch that episode. 

Interview programs






December 2010 "Converting to a Peace Economy" (pdf info)

November 2010 international day of peace: OLYMPIA connects with the world (pdf info)

october 2010 honduras (pdf info)

september 2010 more information on the 9-11 attacks (pdf info)

August 2010 starting to understand africa (pdf info)

July 2010 understanding and protecting civil liberties (pdf info)

June 2010: “Pakistan:  What Are the Realities?”(pdf info)

May 2010: Empowering Ourselves for Profound Democracy (PDF INFO)

April 2010 Restorative Justice Restorative Practices (pdf info)

March 2010: Protect the Separation of Church and State (pdf)

February 2010:  Death Penalty:  New Progress Toward Abolition (PDF INFO)

January 2010:  Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers (PDF INFO)


December 2009:  The “3-Strikes” Laws Are Unjust (pdf info)

November 2009:  Voter-Owned Elections:  Replace Special Interests’ Big Money Financing (pdf info)

October 2009:  Immigration Reform:  Create Fair Solutions

September 2009:  missing

August 2009:  Transition Initiatives for Resilient and Sustainable Communities

July 2009:  Health Care Reform:  Single-Payer is the Solution!

June 2009:  Folk music’s power for Peace and Justice

May 2009:  Nonviolence:  What It Is and How It Works

April 2009:  Nuclear Weapons

March 2009:  Re-Thinking the Whole Economy

February 2009:  A Tapestry of Faiths:  Interfaith Appreciation Through the Arts

January 2009:  A New Foreign Policy


December 2008:  Amnesty International Works for Human Rights

November 2008:  The Common Good:  Real Democracy vs. the Special Interests

October 2008:  The Death Penalty:  An Idea Whose Time Has Gone

September 2008:  9-11 Truth:  Is It OK to Ask Questions?

August 2008:  Citizen Diplomacy:  International People-to-People Exchanges

July 2008:  Elections:  Issues, Not Horse Race

June 2008:  Nonviolence:  What It Is and How It Works  (Repeat in May ’09)

May 2008:  Immigration:  Bridges, Not Walls

April 2008:  Creative Nonviolence and Iraq’s Human Face

March 2008:  From Palestine to Puget Sound:  The Olympia-Rafah Mural Project

February 2008:  Poverty, Housing, and the State Legislature

January 2008:  Venezuela Update


December 2007: Terrorism and the Challenge of asymmetrical War

November 2007: Korea: A history of u.s. intervention

October 2007: Restore America: Impeach Bush & Cheney

September 2007: Military "Solutions" Are the Problem

August 2007: Teenagers Work for Peace & Justice

July 2007: Homeless People Need Dignity and Real Solutions

June 2007: Resisting the Militarization of Our Ports

may 2007: The "Single-Payer" Solution to the Health Care Crisis

April 2007: Nuclear Weapons & Nonviolent Resistance at Ground Zero

March 2007: Public Financing of Electoral Campaigns

January 2007: Impeachment Protects the Constitution


December 2006: The Earth Charter and Caring for the Creation

November 2006: Iran: Fresh Insights (pdf info)

October 2006: Venezuela

September 2006: Immigration: Myths and Realties

JULY 2006: Affirming Diversity and Equality For All

april 2006 Instant Run-off Voting

MARCH 2006: Nonviolence Is Powerful And Practical

FEBRUARY 2006: A Conversation With Gandhi

JANUARY 2006: Religious Values and Public Policy


NOVEMBER 2005: Your Rights VS. Military Recruiters

OCTOBER 2005: Hunger In The Land Of Plenty

SEPTEMBER 2005: This War's True Cost

AUGUST 2005: East Timor

JULY 2005:  Nuclear Weapons

special programs:


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