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The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s TV program airs on Monday 1:30 pm, Wednesday 5 pm, Thursday 9 pm and will air twelve times through the month.  You and other people everywhere can watch it on TV or through our website, www.olympiafor.org, soon after it has debuted on TCTV. 

by Glen Anderson, producer and host of this TV series

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For 29 ½ years the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation has been producing powerfully informative TV programs on important issues. You can watch our current program and more than 150 of our previous ones through the Olympia FOR’s website at your convenience even if you don’t watch our current program on TCTV cable channel 22 in Thurston County (Mondays 1:30 pm, Wednesdays 5:00 pm, Thursdays 9:00 pm).

Simply visit www.olympiafor.org, click the “TV Programs” link, and scroll down past the thorough description of the current month’s program. Previous programs are listed chronologically. Click the link for the program you want to watch. Also, next to each program’s link is a link to a thorough description of the program that you can read by clicking the “Word” or “pdf” link. You can watch more than 150 programs through www.olympiafor.org.

February 2017 “Innocent, But 49+ Years in Prison, Including Death Row”

by Glen Anderson, this TV series’ producer and host

We posted a much more thorough summary of the program below, next to the link for watching this interview.

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s February 2017 TV program focuses on the criminal justice system – and especially the death penalty – from the first-hand experience of someone who has lived his entire life right here in Washington State.

Dawud al-Malik was completely innocent of the crimes for which he was unjustly prosecuted and imprisoned for more than 49 years, including some years on death row.

Dawud went to prison in 1966 at the age of 19, and was re-leased on parole almost half a century later in February 2015. Despite the horrible injustices he experienced, Dawud survived with a warm sweetness about him, and a healthy appreciation for the full humanity of himself and other people – along with a firm determination to clear his name, abolish the death penalty, and stop the system’s other injustices.

Dawud shares his first-hand experience as an innocent person who spent nearly half a century unjustly imprisoned. He also shares his insights into the unjust criminal justice system. His criminal conviction and death sentence revealed the death penalty’s strong bias against African Americans such as Dawud, and the system’s tendency to convict and sentence innocent persons such as Dawud.

This TV program provides fresh, substantive information about the death penalty’s long-standing injustices regarding race and innocence.

Despite the horrible experiences imposed upon him, Dawud retained his human dignity and his commitment to establish his innocence. In prison he grew and matured, helped other prisoners, and – although the State of Washington still insists he is guilty – he is transitioning to live a fairly normal life on the outside after half a century in prison.

Near the end of this TV program we summarize very significant progress toward abolishing the death penalty worldwide, nationwide, and in Washington State too. (We produced it a few days before the Governor and Attorney General called for legislation to abolish Washington State’s death penalty.) The program ends by recommending a number of excellent non-profit organizations and sources of information.

Also, if you scroll down to the May 2000 listing on this page, you can watch another innocent survivor of death row – Sonia Jacobs from Florida’s death row – tell her experience. It’s amazing! The link is A Death Row Survivor Speaks Out

The Olympia FOR also videotaped a local speaking engagement by another innocent survivor from Florida’s death row – Juan Melendez – and you can watch him tell his story farther down this page as one of the “SPECIAL PROGRAMS” we have posted there. The link is Juan Meléndez - an Innocent Survivor from Death Row

The Olympia FOR works to abolish the death penalty. See much information on this website’s “Death Penalty” section, www.olympiafor.org/death_penalty.htm

“Perhaps the bleakest fact of all is that the death penalty is imposed not only in a freakish and discriminatory manner, but also in some cases upon defendants who are actually innocent.” ~ Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan Jr., 1994

Questions? Contact Glen Anderson, the Olympia FOR TV series’ producer/host at (360) 491-9093 glen@olympiafor.org or glenanderson@integra.net

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Sometimes we produce special programs.  These air on TCTV at various dates and times.

We are posting our recent INTERVIEW and SPECIAL programs on the internet.  (Although we got broadcast rights for airing the “BIG PICTURE” films, we are not able to post them on the internet, although some might be posted under their own names.)  Also, our older programs are not available in this format.

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